Shannon Elizabeth gets her share of cock

May 19th, 2010 by shannon

Ever since gaining cult status for her nude scene in American Pie, Shannon Elizabeth has always been one of the 90s’ more fonder and well-recalled movie moments, probably alongside Jason Biggs fucking a freshly-baked apple pie and getting caught. That image of Shannon, stripping off in Jim’s bedroom with all the innocence of a foreign student lost in translation, will forever be etched in guys’ minds. But the thing is, that was over twenty years ago, twenty! Doesn’t that make you feel old and shit? But more than the glaring gap in the times, hitting the loop button on the same old, tired scene of Shannon Elizabeth getting off on some guy’s bed can be, well, old. Good thing Shannon Elizabeth’s skankiness improves well over time, and you can finally let your trusty VHS mould over, because we have here a nice update: Shannon Elizabeth naked, and getting fucked! No teen flick can ever make Shannon Elizabeth spread her legs this wide and let an older guy’s cock penetrate her pussy without putting up a fight. And she won’t take getting fucked sitting down, er, literally. She’ll get on her back, pussy in the air, so her fuck buddy’s cock can penetrate her in the deepest, most orgasmic way possible. Don’t you just love a girl who takes acrobatics to a more sexual, perverted level?

Shannon Elizabeth’s hot see-through pictures

June 25th, 2009 by shannon

Shannon Elizabeth has definitely come a long way from her beginnings as a newcomer in Hollywood when she first appeared in the American comedy flick American Pie where she skyrocketed to stardom for her daring and sexy “webcam scene” where she boldly showed off her nice big tits… and now this hottie is considered to be one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood to date. And from the photos you’re seeing right now, you can tell how gorgeous and voluptuous this chick can be as she shows off those tits that made her famous with that ultra sexy see-through outfit she wore during the MTV Movie Awards back in 2001.

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October 22nd, 2008 by shannon

Now here’s what you’ve been all waiting for ladies and gentlemen… the famous nude movie scenes of the gorgeous Shannon Elizabeth taken from some of her movies namely Dish Dogs (2000) and the all-time favorite American Pie (1999). In Dish Dogs, Shannon did a lot of breast exposures as she bravely took off her top and had her flesh bags displayed on the bigscreen. But it was in American Pie that marked her stardom in Hollywood when she did that webcam scene to the delight of her male fans who watched that blockbuster flick. And now you can get to watch those hot nude movie scenes as we compiled them in sets of video clips for you to enjoy as you lay back and get that throbbing dick of yours some serious wanking.

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October 22nd, 2008 by shannon

Hmm… what do we have here… it looks like more Shannon Elizabeth sleaze and it seems that our guys have a good catch today since they have uncovered something more interesting, and these are not your usual nude pictures where you get to see Shannon butt naked while she displays her tits, ass and pussy in front of the camera, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll be getting more aside from her infamous tits that we all know. Witness this American Pie babe get into some of the most hard-pounding sex action caught in vivid detail as she gets her mouth, ass and pussy stuffed with nothing but hard male meat from these lucky studs who get to feed and satisfy her craving for fucking, and you might get to see her getting raunchy with another chick in one hot lesbian scene. There are literally tons and tons of sizzling hardcore pictures of Shannon Elizabeth as she shed her sexy, bubbly image into a more naughty and sleazy one.

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October 22nd, 2008 by shannon

It surely is a dream come true to have the lovely Shannon Elizabeth in your arms as you worship her under her feet and make sweet, passionate love with her in bed while you feast your eyes on her naked body and get really naughty and kinky afterwards. This American Pie darling had us going when she appeared topless during her webcam scene and things will never be the same again for us guys, but wishing for her to be ours is surely long shot from reality and all we can do is settle for her movies and images where she showed some skin and dream yourselves away. That is exactly what we’re going to do and we have here some of the most revealing nude pictures of Shannon Elizabeth where you get to see everything aside from her awesome pair of tits that we are all familiar with. See her use those playful hands to fondle her tits and spread those gorgeous pussy lips while spreading her legs and seductively posing from different angles.

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